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agency nurse cv service

Take the pain out of CV writing by taking advantage of a full CV check and rewrite by those accredited to do the job.

Ensure nurses with adequate knowledge and ability are placed in appropriate clinical settings, where they can work effectively within their scope of practice and competence.

the problem – you are what you write

A CV should reflect your status as hot property in the world of agency nursing; a professional nurse with credibility and enthusiasm for the job. The ability to convey these qualities in a concise yet punchy manner on paper is hugely challenging.

Clinically able nurses often have little idea of what is actually expected on their CV and they often miss off key features.

the solution – introducing the agency nurse cv writing service

We know from our personal experience in recruiting nurses, the CV can be the deciding factor in choosing nurses for a role at our respective organisations

Have a CV developed which reflects your personal skills and attributes.

Have a carefully crafted CV, which is easily scanned by the eye and persuasive without sounding overwritten or repetitive.

Boast a CV which reflects all your clinical and personal strengths and follows a format and style expected by the nursing industry.

Enhance your likelihood of being selected for those sought-after nursing positions.

Agencies are often quite discerning about then CVs chosen. Ensure they use your CV to decide who to put forward for key roles.

Our CV writing skills are already sought after by leaders at large agencies in helping them meet the criteria expected of their nurses by the Care Quality Commission.

We are a trusted resource which supports both agency nurses and agencies.


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