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agency nurse revalidation service

Improving agency nurse development through proper re-validation helps ensure agencies and nurses are fully compliant with the legal requirements set by the NMC.

nurse agency revalidation service

We help agencies and nurses with revalidation so they can fulfil the legal requirement set by the NMC.

calling all agency nurses

Need help with Revalidation? Join our Agency nurse revalidation Facebook group and sign up for our Revalidation Study Day.

Email enquiries@mynurseslife.com and we will get you on board today!

Link to workshop study day – email your address and revalidation date (renewal date for your NMC registration) we will get back to you.

calling all nursing agencies

Need to Revalidate groups of nurses? This can be a huge task for any clinical lead. With MNL Revalidation study day we offer discounts on groups of 10 or more nurses.

Reflective discussion needs will be looked after by My Nurses Life.

All your Clinical lead has to do is to confirm hours worked in Nursing Practice and CPD to make your nurses Revalidation ready.

All you have to do is email enquiries@mynurseslife.com today and we will do the rest.


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