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New improved OSCE online training course

My Nurse’s Life have a new improved online training course, that is specifically designed to ensure you have the best chance of passing the OSCE first time. The course was created by UK trained registered nurse Helen Romnes. With 28 years of UK nursing experience, having qualified in 1996, Helen has been continuous in developing her nursing education, in a quest to improve her own knowledge and training standards within the UK Healthcare system.

This course was created to ensure pre-registered overseas nurses and return-to-practice nurses are given the correct information to pass the OSCE exam in one attempt. The course is concise, yet comprehensive, including all you need to be successful in your exam.

The changing nature of the NMC OSCE, due to updates in UK nursing’s best practice, and the OSCE criteria, means our course has been continuously improved over the years. We have received insightful feedback from many nurses using the course, and now have the best possible product, that is proven to get results.

The course will take around just 2 weeks to complete, with a consistent 1-2 hours per day of study. It can be done at your own pace and is available to access for 90 days.

My Nurse’s Life have an unmatched passion and knowledge, and offer an authenticity that our rivals simply cannot compete with. Other OSCE courses have been developed by recruiters, and lack the accuracy and relevancy of our curriculum. In terms of current NMC guidelines, we confidently offer up-to-date information, whilst other OSCE training courses have fallen behind.

Don’t take a chance with your future in UK nursing — invest in the leading UK NMC OSCE training company’s online course, used by thousands of nurses over the 8 years we have been successfully delivering OSCE training.


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