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preparation courses

3-day intensive

This course teaches you all you need to know to pass your NMC OSCE first time! We break down the OSCE into its component parts teaching you the skills you need to succeed including:

  • Every aspect of documentation

  • Multiple scenario practices in the skills lab and SIMS lab

  • Mock OSCE exams with the different stations (exam conditions)

  • Personal Folder with course syllabus and personal study plan

  • Free Homework and ongoing support

Course detail

one-day short course

This course is over one day is held in the skills and SIM lab running through scenarios and restoring confidence! It is only available for nurses that have already taken their OSCE and have had a Partial Fail in Skills. We recommend that nurses with a partial fail in APIE or full fail will need to take the 3 day Intensive with My Nurses Life in order to secure a pass.

The three day intensive is a complete course and all you need for a first time pass.

Occasionally nurses that have been out of practice for a long period or who have attempted their OSCE and failed may also wish to attend this one day short course to have an extra day in the skills and SIMs lab, as an add on. Please note this day covers clinical skills only.

Please email enquires@my nurseslife.com with the title Resit if you need this service.

NMC OSCE Hand washing, Infection Control video
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