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NMC OSCE training how to pass first-time!

In the last quarter November 2016 to January 2017, the OSCE first time pass rate for overseas nurses was averaging at a poor 55%.

Of these passes, the vast majority are NHS sponsored with some Trust boasting a 96% pass rate, this means that many nurses from private sector fail.

This comes as no surprise as most Trusts have the resources to invest a great deal into their overseas nurses. They have the facilities and expertise at hand, unlike the private sector sponsors.

Nurses from nursing homes, private hospitals and independent nurses are at a huge disadvantage when applying for this last part of admission to the NMC register.

This is a HUGE concern both for nurses who need an OSCE pass to work and keep their visas as well employers who have invested in them.

My Nurses Life is here to stop this inequality!

The solution is clear and My Nurses Life brings the NHS model: its infrastructure and expertise into our NMC OSCE training course.

Our courses include preparation and aftercare, ensuring each nurse retains their confidence, knowledge and skills up to their exam day.

Having provided this particular training to these nurses, we know the value the course brings to them and there chosen path of working in the U.K.

My Nurses Life is here to help!

My Nurses Life run courses bring the NHS teaching model to each candidate. We actively teach and mentor each nurse through the OSCE exam.

We equip each OSCE candidate with the knowledge and skills to pass their OSCE.

Each course is taught in a state of the art skills lab with experienced OSCE trainers.

We know what you need to know and teach the skills you need to succeed in your OSCE.

The free aftercare and support we offer enables each nurse to feel confident when going into their OSCE exam.

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