New OSCE Workbook


The Workbook costs £20 + VAT (£24) including postage and packing (UK), if you want to order a practice pack as well, you can for another £5, which includes clinical skills contents, such as dressing pack, saline, needles, syringes etc and also copies of drug charts used in skills and APIE example.

*For prices to countries outside the UK, please email:



Our workbook is an invaluable tool to aid learning the steps of the clinical skills and APIE stations in the NMC OSCE. Top educators involved in OSCE training, have compiled this necessary book, over many years. Together we created this end product to serve to guide nurses correctly in their preparations.

It works as an aid memoir to help recalling each part of the station, without being too “scripted” – something OSCE examiners have stated they do not want to see during the exam.

Steps are broken down into learning chunks, you can readily follow and checklists to test yourself or have a friend test you on. The book fills in the gaps that the official books, and even the Test of Competence universities, haven’t included in the learning portals.Examples are, when to decontaminate hands, when to check validity of equipment and when to clean equipment or not. Also, how to completely verbalise the steps of assessment, the essentials of care planning, implementation and evaluation, all in a timely manner without omitting critical steps.

It includes a concise and comprehensive overview of each APIE station, to guide even those completely unfamiliar with the OSCE. Many charts and forms from the OSCE are there, including ones that are not available elsewhere. Everything included in the book is essential knowledge and will set you up perfectly for when you start your training and then refer to until you take the exam.

We have different versions of the book for Legacy (old 6 station OSCE) and ToC21 (new 10 station OSCE), please state which version you would like to purchase.

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