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4 Day OSCE Liverpool (14th Dec)

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4 Day OSCE Putney (8th Jan)

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We train overseas nurses to pass the NMC OSCE.

Our work with thousands of nurses, from a variety of UK healthcare providers, has ensured they pass the NMC OSCE first time.

We train overseas nurses, and now return to practice nurses, many on sponsorships to join the UK NMC register and practice nursing here in the UK.

Clients include the NHS, private hospitals, large care home groups, individual nursing homes and individual nurses self-funding their own training.

We provide weekly OSCE training throughout the year in Liverpool and fortnightly in London. Our venues include large training rooms in hotels, in clinical training and hospital education centres.

We are in the process of opening up a My Nurse’s Life training in Wirral, next to Liverpool. Nurses can stay in our neighbouring property while OSCE training.

Nurses from Philippines, Africa, India, the US, Australia and Canada regularly book with us, along with others from all over the world.

Our reputation for supporting nurses and providing effective training means we have not relied on large advertising campaigns to aid our success, most of our popularity comes through word of mouth.

We have a phenomenal success rate well, with the whole group often passing first time. Unlike other companies we won’t publish false pass rate percentages and won’t take excessive amount of money for substandard training.

Our ratio of nurses to assessor is 1:4, many claiming very high pass rates are training at a ratio of 1:12 or even 1:15, which is not conducive to a pass in a short course.

We have also heard of companies that insist on three weeks training, which is likewise totally unnecessary and ineffective cost-wise.

We have created an online course to ensure the nurse arrives at the course fully prepared for training. With videos, quizzes and lots of essential reading, we have simplified learning the OSCE.

My Nurses Life is run by senior clinical nurse trainers, who specialise in NMC OSCE training alone.

We have 20 nurse assessors, who are all trained to high standard to ensure candidates pass their OSCE first time.

Book now to ensure you get the training you deserve and require to pass.

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The Old School, 188 Liscard Road, Wallasey, Wirral, CH44 5TN

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