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4 Day OSCE Liverpool (14th Dec)

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4 Day OSCE Putney (8th Jan)

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Assessment in OSCE since lockdown

The assessment station in the OSCE has been changed to last only 12 minutes, during this time you will now interact with a manakin and not a real-live actor as before.

It is important to talk to the manakin and not the examiner, although it will be the voice of the examiner you will hear and respond to.

You will no longer take a full set of obs on the patient, and will in fact just verbalise each step of obs taking or assessing the GCS (Glasgow Coma Scale) of the patient.

You will still be required to accurately document and score the observations on the NEWS2 chart and escalate the findings as well as decide on an appropriate frequency of monitoring of the patient as per NEWS2 score. If it the GCS you are assessing you will need to also document accurately, and again verbalise your actions in terms of frequency of monitoring or getting the patient reviewed.

Test takers report all patient props, ie glasses, walking sticks and lighters being removed from the patient area, as they were previously part of the assessment. You are still required to use the assessment booklet or discharge from hospital form to assess the patient’s Activities of Daily Living during this station.

This station has always had the highest amount of failures in the OSCE and this continues to be a problem for nurses taking the OSCE since lockdown.

The other APIE stations, planning, implementation and evaluation continue to stay the same, over 15 minutes and in the same format.

Only good preparation and practice can prepare you for the exam. Get in touch with us if you require up-to date training and excellent support until your exam.

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Current MNC OSCE clinical skills

Currently the NMC OSCE contains 9 clinical skills that are being tested on, prior to the Covid 19 Pandemic of 2020, the universities were testing nurses on 10 skills – Basic Life Support has been removed, for reasons of social distancing with examiners.

Test centres are doing things differently since they re-opened the centres in June 2020, after a total lockdown period for the whole of the UK.

Although the clinical skills remain the same in essence, test takers report having to only verbalise large parts of the procedure. With these current variances in mind, we encourage you to be able to do both verbalise and demonstrate each clinical skill accurately and to a high level.

We have varying reports of the requirements of different examiners and believe this is due to the perceived competencies of individuals they are assessing, so there are some grey areas when describing the actualities of exams.

We also would like you to understand it is not enough to have an idea of the skill, you must know each skill completely and be able to confidently perform it in front of an examiner, so regular practice is without doubt required for success in the OSCE.

If you desire further classroom or virtual training please do contact us at My Nurse’s Life at enquiries@mynurseslife.com or call us on 0151 363 5485 and speak to us directly.