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Wellbeing App Helps Nurses Psychologically Prepare for OSCE

A pre-existing wellbeing app has developed a new programme tailored to support internationally educated nursing staff as they navigate the potentially daunting process of sitting the NMC OSCE exam and gaining UK registration.

The ShinyMind app was originally co-created with the NHS and according to their website, is “an evidence-based, proven mental health and wellbeing app.”

Starting in April, they will be introducing a pastoral and educational support initiative specifically catering to nurses transitioning into the English NHS from abroad. The new development will form an integral part of the wellness app.

Participants enrolled in the programme, will engage in four weekly two-hour sessions conducted via video call, focusing on bolstering their confidence and readiness for the OSCE exam.

During these sessions individuals will have the opportunity to express any apprehensions they may harbour about the examinations within a supportive environment alongside fellow internationally educated nurses. There is evidence that sharing experiences helps participants realise that their challenges are not unique, and they benefit from a sense of solidarity and reassurance.

In addition to these interactive sessions, participants will receive assignments through the ShinyMind app, designed to enhance their “psychological preparedness” for the OSCE, alongside access to an “internationally educated nursing interactive toolkit” and the app’s other modules that promote mental health and wellbeing in general.

Rebecca Howard, the Chief Executive and Founder of ShinyMind, spoke with Nursing Times, and emphasised that this programme represents a journey of

“psychological development” for participants, aimed at enhancing testing success rates among overseas nurses and fostering their long-term retention within the healthcare system.

She highlighted the necessity of reframing perceptions surrounding the OSCE, shifting the narrative from one of apprehension to confidence. By instilling a positive outlook, the programme aims to mitigate anxiety and enhance participants’ confidence, ultimately facilitating a smoother transition into their roles within the UK healthcare system.

The new programme will begin trialling in April 2024.

The ShinyMind app is free for nurses and NHS workers. For more information visit:

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