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Current OSCE changes

The assessment station in the OSCE is now 15 minutes with the reintroduction of a live actor, instead of a manikin, used during lock-down.

It is no longer the examiner’s voice and is a real live person you are talking to and taking vitals signs from, or performing a full GCS assessment.

We always stress to our nurses that you must accurately document and score the observations on the NEWS2 chart and escalate the findings to a doctor. You need to use your clinical judgement when deciding on frequency of monitoring a patient, not just according to the NEWS2 score.

GCS assessing should be practiced prior to the exam and you will need to also document accurately on the chart, please refer to our online training vids for correct techniques. MUST screening and PHQ9 assessment and how to advise the patients are all shown on our videos on our online program

Patient props, ie glasses, walking sticks and lighters are now in the patient area, as they were previously part of the assessment. You are still required to use the assessment booklet or discharge from hospital form to assess the patient’s Activities of Daily Living during this station.

This station has always had the highest amount of failures in the OSCE and this continues to be a problem for nurses taking the OSCE, especially if the patient has a NEWS2 chart to complete. The main problem is inability to accurately and fully complete the chart.

The other APIE stations, planning, implementation and evaluation continue to stay the same, over 15 minutes and in the same format, but from August 2021, if you have take CBT this month, you will take the new OSCE with 10 stations in. Contact us if you will be taking the new OSCE as we have prepared training for this.

MNL have been working hard attending various Train the Trainer courses, to ensure we are following the new criteria and present one closely and correctly.

Only good preparation and practice can prepare you for the exam. Get in touch with us if you require up-to date training and excellent support until your exam.


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