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"Thank you so much My OSCE Champions, Helen and Team. The OSCE training provided by OSCE Champions was excellent, I passed in first attempt. Training was up to date, very thorough. We could practice each skill individually, Helen and her team gave us feedback in each skill stations and APIE station. We even did a mock test last day exactly like exam, it gave me confidence, experience and mock test gave me a clear picture of OSCE and that way I carried on practising at home and till exam and I passed. I highly recommend taking training before OSCE and Choose My Nurses Life Or OSCE Champions and contact Helen and Team. The money you pay worth every penny. Good Luck for your upcoming OSCE exam."

Binu Subedi Karki

"From the arms of Legends like Picasso and Michaelangelo came great works of art. I was a lump of coal ready to be polished to become a diamond, a lump of clay ready to be molded to become a masterpiece and a blank canvas ready to be painted to become a wonder. All this was achieved by the patient and understanding Helen and your team. I’m happy to say that I passed my OSCE on the first try. Thank you ladies very much, I couldn’t have done it without you. Keep up the good work and I’m pretty sure I’m not going to be the last clueless person in the training so continue to be patient and perfect."

Tafadzwa Pikirayi

"I trained under my nurses life for my OSCE examination. Helen is a very good trainer and resourceful person for this. Actually I had a little idea about the OSCE before I attended the training. But Helen made a clear picture about all this during the four day training period. We are getting individualised supervisor during the course. And we are getting lots of chance to practice the skills till we became well confident. I strongly recommend my nurse life for those who are preparing for the OSCE examination. Thanks Helen for all your help and support."

Divya Sandeep Kumar

“I would like to thank you from the bottom of the heart for my recent success in OSCE. I owe it completely to your training and your videos. When I attended the training I was a new grad overseas nurse who didn’t have much hospital experience. I only had a vague idea of OSCE and what it entails. I am glad that I made the decision to enrol with you for training. Your clinical skills videos, especially the videos about common mistakes helped me a great deal and I was aware of what to do and what not to do. I also felt confident with all the charts as you had videos explaining it and helped me to practice as and when I found convenient. I should specifically thank you for your implementation station training as I was worried about that the most but when I attended the exam I knew what to look out for, thanks to you. To sum it up, I can say I wouldn’t have done it without your training. Thanks a million for all the hard work you put in for each and everyone of us. We truly appreciate it and continue inspiring us!!”


"Had the training with Helen from My Nurses Life in Liverpool. It’s really awesome. As a nurse from the Philippines, it’s quite overwhelming for me considering their way of doing nursing here and the environment. Everything was new to me. Most of the time, me and my classmates were anxious but Helen was always there to support us which is what we really needed. She will answer every question you wanna ask relating to OSCE. I highly recommend MNL, especially to my fellow Filipino nurses. Thanks, Helen, I wouldn’t be an RN here without your help. Keep on helping others."

Liza Aparis

"I am delighted to say that ‘MY NURSES LIFE OSCE CHAMPIONS’ has helped me to clear my OSCE in the very first attempt. I highly recommend their training who all are preparing for OSCE because Helen is an accurate and professional trainer. The training was really excellent, explained well and demonstrated each skill and APIE. Each one was assessed clearly and gave feedback, which helped me to improve a lot. I learned so much over the 4 days and definitely noticed a big difference in my confidence level from day 1 to day 4. Also, the online videos helped to practice well before the exam after the training. Thanks Helen, thank you so much for making my dream come true. I wish all success for ‘MY NURSES LIFE OSCE CHAMPIONS’."

Lasitha Chacko George

"I took the OSCE exam in Dec 2019 after training with My Nurse’s Life (Helen Romnes). Hence I am proud to say that I successfully passed in the first attempt. Before my training, I planned to self-study and sit for OSCE and when the time came I panicked. The main reasons are one, 15 minutes was very challenging to complete the task: two, I wasn’t sure what could possibly be a critical mistake, three, few of my brilliant friends who self-studied for OSCE, failed the skills section for absolutely bogus and arbitrary reasons. (still failed). I couldn’t risk myself on it. There is no way the OSCE examiners would judge any registered nurse to be an incompetent nurse. However I learned that nurses failed when they had no training, so I decided to enrol in MNL. The session is led by experienced trainers covering all aspects of skills & assessment along with mock assessments. With Helen’s intensive training session, the candidates said they felt incredibly confident & well-prepared. They are only delivering the OSCE session to groups of no more than 10 participants (3 trainers )to ensure that every candidate gets individual attention & support. I would recommend you to join NML for your OSCE. You just need to attend the class, watch the practical videos several times and the magic will happen."

Dalya Ben Pereira

"My Nurses Life really helped me have a clear and organised way to study and be prepared for the OSCE. Through ample time, practice, and thorough step-by-step lectures and demonstrations, I was able to ensure that my learning preparation is well-supported. It is also a great help that Helen answers all my queries even after the workshop."

Christina De Campo

"The OSCE training sessions were very well organised in preparing for the exam. It had prepared me very well for what was expected in the exam."

Carnice Belford

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