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My Nurses’ Life Move into New Premises

I spoke with Helen Romnes, Company Owner and Lead OSCE Trainer, and found out all about the new venue.

Can you share what prompted the decision to move to this new location?

The location is in Liscard Village, Wallasey and this is the ideal location for training. The area is easily located by bus or train, from Liverpool and Wirral. We are located in the town centre, ensuring all amenities are at hand for the nurses.

We have been training in various locations previously, using hospital skills labs, hotels, private houses and even Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral – but we were never comfortable using temporary locations. There were always issues hiring rooms for short periods, that were often out of our hands, leading to frustration within the team.

We no longer have the issues in the new venue, and we are much happier as a team in our own place.

What kind of atmosphere does the new location provide for your staff and students?

The place is open and airy, with lots of natural light, while remaining discreet from the passers-by in the street. The set up is meant to make you feel relaxed, yet clinical and I think we have achieved this.

We have been able to make the place exactly as we want it, as it is our permanent residence for now.

We are located in Liscard village, where nurses can enjoy a short walk around the centre, to buy lunch, or something from the variety of shops.

What are the unique features or amenities in the new premises that will enhance the training experience for your new nurses?

I feel the natural light pouring in through the huge windows, keeps nurses alert and feeling positive. Also, we like the fact the place has many rooms where we can take nurses for extra teaching, or to chill out.

What kind of impact do you anticipate the new location having on the overall training experience for your nurses?

I think the nurses enjoy being in our own premises and feel secure and confident coming to this venue in Liscard, rather than some of the more inner-city locations we have used previously.

We realised, that this is not simply a training course they need to attend – but is also an experience they will remember. For them to get the most from the training, they need to feel safe and relaxed – and it seems the nurses are more comfortable in this location.

What plans do you have for further utilising the space provided within the new premises?

As the leading UK OSCE training company, we are in constant demand with employers and individuals. Although we do have a huge hall to train in London, and can accommodate bigger classes there, the Wirral venue is slightly limited on space at the moment. We ensure the nurses are comfortable and therefore limit the numbers to 16 at a time. We really dislike not being able to offer people a space on our courses.

MNL are looking at expanding the upstairs of the building into another large training room.  We have several offices and there’s potential for them to be knocked together. That way we can run bigger classes.

What’s next for My Nurses Life?

We are always looking at new and innovative ways to improve people’s learning experiences. Having been copied by all the other UK OSCE training companies, we know we are doing everything correctly.

We will be launching a new learning product this year, but due to competitors, we can’t let the secret out yet. It will be a new medium of learning and it’s exciting to be working on this, knowing it will be so beneficial to many.

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