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Nursing Groups Plead for Peace in Gaza Conflict

Nursing organisations have once again called for a peaceful resolution to the Gaza conflict, expressing concern for both Palestinians and Israelis affected by the ongoing violence.

The International Council of Nurses (ICN), representing over 130 national nurses’ associations, released a statement urging all parties to establish a peace process and condemning the violence.

Since 7 October, IDF attacks on Gaza, including air strikes on Gaza City, have resulted in over 10,000 Palestinian casualties, as reported by the Ministry of Health in Palestine.

Gaza’s health ministry has reported the deaths of 192 health workers and damage to 113 health facilities since October 7, though the claims are currently unverified.

Destruction of health facilities, including the Al-Ahli al-Arabi Hospital in North East Gaza, which caused the deaths of between 100 and 470 people, has prompted widespread calls for peace from nursing groups, including Unison, the Royal College of Nursing, and UK ethnic minority nursing associations. 

According to Nursing Times, ICN chief executive Howard Catton, stated last month:
“We acknowledge the service and enormous sacrifice of all health care workers in the conflict providing care and support to all people whilst their personal safety is at risk at a time when they are dealing with their own loss, including caring for injured family members and mourning those lost.”

The ICN condemned all acts of violence and terrorism, calling for safe access to health services and facilities and the protection of healthcare workers, and in a new statement, have said: “We, as the global voice of nursing, stand in solidarity with all nurses and other health care workers affected by the conflict.”

The statement also expressed the need for, “safe access to medical and humanitarian aid and support for all people caught up in the conflict.”

The ICN’s Nurses For Peace campaign, originally established to aid nurses in Ukraine, is now providing support and solidarity to nurses in conflict zones globally, and donations can be made via the ICN Humanitarian Fund.

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