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Plans for military to support NHS during strike action

As the NHS braces itself for the upcoming strike, hundreds of military personnel are being lined up to train as ambulance workers, in a bid to buoy the services affected by the industrial action.

The prime minister’s spokesman recently expressed concerns that the strikes will cause significant disruption and hopes that the plans to utilise military personnel will help ease some of the strain on services.

The move comes after a plea from the NHS for the military to help maintaining the running of services, but the government has stressed that soldiers are limited in what areas they will be able to provide support.

According to a recent article The Guardian, around six hundred military personnel from all three armed forces will be trained to drive ambulances, with an additional 150 lined up to provide logistical support.

Meanwhile, the RCN has made little progress with their demands, as ministers refuse to negotiate on pay. Health Secretary Steve Barclay has offered to meet with unions to discuss working conditions, but steadfastly declines to discuss pay rises.

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